Study on the Correlation Between Vitamin D and BMI in Type 2Diabetes Mellitus

  • A Ponnambalam ssociate Professor, Department of General Medicine, SVMCH and RC, Pondicherry, India
  • G Prabhu Professor, Department of General Medicine, SVMCH and RC, Pondicherry, India
Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, BMI, glycaemic control, Vitamin D


Type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) is associated with increased morbidity and mortality due to thedevelopment of complications, especially due to poor glycaemic control. Besides its role in calciumhomeostasis, Vitamin D has been involved in the pathophysiology as well as glycaemic control oftype 2 DM. 100 patients diagnosed with type 2 DM were included. Vitamin D levels along with BMIwere measured in all the individuals. In our study, we had the youngest patient with 18years andthe oldest patient with 78years. In the present study, we had maximum patients in the age groupbetween 41 to 50 years similar to various other studies. In our study male was 68% with femaleswere 38%. In the present study, we estimated vitamin D levels in all subjects and categorizationwas done as <20 and more than 20 ng/dl.48% of patients had vitamin D levels below 20ng/dl. Inthe present study, we compared the values of BMI with vitamin D levels where we did not noticemuch difference with the mean of individual category. In conclusion, we have identified a correlationconcerning vitamin D levels when compared with BMI statistically. Since the physiological role ofVitamin D in pancreatic beta-cell function and insulin sensitivity is well appreciated, and consideringthat almost 50% of the diabetes patients in the present study are Vitamin D deficient, it issuggested that Vitamin D levels improve the BMI in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients


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